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top5hosting is one of the leading web hosting consulting and review provider in the United Kingdom. Their business model is to provide free unbiased consulting based on their 7 years of experience in the field of web design and testing hundreds of hosting plans for their clients projects.

All reviews are based on performance, security, support and technology factors that are tested constantly. That why we recommend them as the best web hosting review service for the United Kingdom.

Project keeps evolving since the idea is to provide pleasant user experience and valuable information and keep the readers entertained with various technologies. It is based on Joomla CMS, uses jQuery and custom made responsive design so it looks equally good on mobiles and tablets.

We have developed a state of the art table for the home page that is responsive as well and javascript in loading bars and circles in the reviews to improve the overall user experience.

We are also in charge of the marketing campaign of top5hosting as it is now on the top of Google's results for its terms. We do that with stable methods of great custom content creation that brings value to the users and is naturally shared on answer sites like Quora or UK Business Forums

Visit top5hosting at top5hosting.co.uk

Project Highlights

Clean design with call to actions

top5hosting design

Javascript loading bars

top5hosting design

Blog with a sidebar

top5hosting design

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